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The beer keg refrigerator is an integral part of the spill beer, it is a special type of compression unit that lowers the temperature of the dispensed beverage. The main aim of the beer refrigerator is not only to prevent excessive heating of the beer, but also to keep its optimal temperature (+4 to +8 ° C). Otherwise, it will be increased foam formation (with temperature > + 8 ° C) or taste of the drink will be spoiled (with temperature <+4 ° C).

The principle of operation of the beer keg refrigerator is that the compressor compresses the refrigerant (Freon) and therefore heats up. In water (where the beer coils are) when the gas passes to the evaporator produced heat extraction. Thermostat produces control to maintain the required temperature of bath water of refrigerator and controls, as well, starting the compressor itself. Set the mode of operation of the compressor, depending on the time of year and the climate zone allows the thermostat knob, located on the cooler.

Features of operation of the beer keg refrigerator:

  1. Do not switch on the refrigerator without water, so that the compressor will not be broken;
  2. When there is insufficient water level the cooler will freeze the water in the tank, and this will lead to the freezing of beer in the circuits and unfailing output device failure;
  3. Around the refrigerator housing is necessary to provide space for high-quality ventilation, as during cooling, a significant amount of heat. The particular value of this "free space" must be given in the technical documentation supplied with the beer keg refrigerator.