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In June 20, 1890 was born "father" of the well-known American company Whirlpool - Frederick Stanley Upton. He grew up in a poor Scottish family, at the age of thirteen the boy had to work to help his mother. After high school he got a job in Frederick electromechanical workshop of his uncle. In 1911 he founded the Upton Machine Co. The company specialized in the production of washing machines with electric shaft. In 1916 the company received its first order for the supply of washing machines for the company Sears, Roebuck and Co.

In 1929 the company merged Frederick Upton and company Nineteen Hundred Washer Co. In 1950, Nineteen Hundred Corporation was renamed to Whirlpool Corporation and began production of automatic dryers. Continuing its expansion, in 1951, Whirlpool Corporation bought the plant in Ohio. Since 1955, the company began production of air conditioners and refrigerators.

Now the main task of the company was the entrance to the world markets. For the implementation of the plans was acquired several major assets in Europe, as well as the creation of new enterprises in Mexico and India, increased the share of production in the Canadian and Brazilian companies. Today, the world is sold about 235 million units of home Whirlpool appliances totaling approximately $ 70 billion dollars.

The main aim of the company today - to become a recognized "trendsetter" in the field of large household appliances. Whirlpool tries to introduce new standards of quality and style in the work of the company, is used system of "Six Sigma". Under this system, all employees of the company have the ability to quickly move up the career ladder. The consequence of this is the interest of workers in the material well-being of the company. In addition, Whirlpool consistently implements quantitative and qualitative improvements in the company.

The company's motto - "In every home, everywhere, with pride, enthusiasm and satisfaction with the result of the done work". In all countries, Whirlpool carefully studying the needs of its customers, offering products of excellent quality, but also provides a great service.