Perlick Low Profile US Sankey Keg Coupler, D System

Magnetic Roll-In Gasket

Replacement Light Bulb

PERLICK 52652-1 Valve Inlet Water

Perlick 63407L Left Standard Door Hinge Set

PERLICK 64823R Mullion Assembly

PERLICK 515315009 Fan Motor

Perlick HA24RB-3-3R 24" Built-in ADA Compliant Refrigerator with 4.8 cu. ft. Capacity 525Btu Commercial-Grade Compressor RAPIDCool Refrigeration System and Stainless Steel Glass Door: Right

Perlick 67177 Power Pack Control

Perlick 63821 7-watt Light Bulb

The company was founded by Robert Perlick and his eldest son William January in 1, 1917. They named their company R. Perlick Brass Works. The aim was to create a companies for their families, which would have been recognized as a major manufacturer of brass. By 1922, the company is engaged in manufacturing of battery terminals and noise insulation devices for the automotive industry. In anticipation of possible changes in USA Perlick built a new plant for the manufacture of pipes for the food industry, and then started the production of equipment for breweries. This training has helped the company to conclude an agreement with the manufacturer of equipment for breweries AO Smith Company for the supply of pipes for new productions.

In 1940, the company organized the Department of refrigeration equipment. And after a while Perlick goes to a new level - is becoming a major supplier of equipment for breweries and bars. Today, the company's plant in Milwaukee (Wisconsin) employs over 200 people, and the area of the plant is approximately 227,870 sq.m. The company's products are divided into two main categories: for home and commercial use. In catalog can be found of refrigerators, freezers, beer dispensers, bar equipment, ice makers and more.

Among the lineup of bar equipment can be produced: a cocktail center, blender station, Liqueur shelf, a table for ice cream, refrigerators, freezers, dispensers of different configurations, dishwasher for glasses, coolers and more. The company is strongly concerned about the issue of the conservation of energy. Thanks to the Energy Star, the company's website even offered a calculator for calculating energy savings. For four years (2004, 2005, 2006 and 2008) company was awarded "Best in class".

After nearly 90 years of production, commercial and domestic refrigeration, Perlick Corporation continues the concept of commitment to product innovation, quality equipment and a high level of customer service since its inception by Robert Perlick.