Marvel MVA-278 Captain America Waffle Maker, Blue

Marvel MVA-281 Avengers Waffle Maker, Blue

Marvel Captain America 1-Cup Coffee Maker with Mug

Marvel MVS-2, Spiderman Waffle Maker, Blue/Red

Marvel Captain America Shield 2-Slice Toaster

Negative Ion Projector (A True Negative Ion Generator / Air Ionizer)

Marvel Captain America Shield 2-Quart Slow Cooker

Marvel Spider-man 2-Slice Toaster

Marvel MA24BCG1RS ADA Beverage Center, Right Hinge with Closed Door Assist, 24-Inch, Stainless Steel

AGA Marvel MO24RAS1LS Outdoor Refrigerator with Lock, Left Hinge Stainless Steel Door, 24-Inch

The American company Marvel produces refrigerators for indoor and outdoor use, the cooling boxes for wine storage, vending machines for beer and ice-making. All these combinations make the products Marvel comfortable and beautiful home in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the library. Large Number of options: glass doors, handles, cabinets, stainless steel door latches - he removes opportunities for unique design. Models can be built, and the door paneling.

Marvel Refrigerators. Marvel Refrigerators series of "Outdoor" are specifically designed for outdoor using, they apply special security measures and materials, allowing them to be used in any weather. All models have been tested in laboratories UL suitability for outdoor use. Exterior finished of stainless steel perfectly with stainless trim grills traditionally used outdoors. These refrigerators can be built into furniture, or under counter equipped with rollers that make them move around. Possible use these refrigerators at temperatures from 7.2 to 38 ° C.

The history of the company. Company Northland (originally Refrigeration Company) was established in 1892 in Michigan. The first products of the company - special insulating refrigerated drawers (icebox), which was laid in the ice storage and chilled products. In 1938, the company began to produce the first domestic refrigerators. In 1970 the company became part of Fedders Corporation and began production of refrigerators with separate refrigerator and freezer. In 1978, the president of Fedders Refrigeration and one of the local investors bought a division of the company and named it Northland Corporation. Shortly a member of "family" became Marvel Industries - a company located in the state of Indiana.

More than seventy years, Marvel withstands serious competition in the production of luxury refrigeration for wine storage. Perhaps it was the wine has prompted the company's strategy to achieve this success, because the quality of expensive wine is determined by the shutter speed. However, if the wine seventy years of exposure - it's unique taste, aroma and fabulous price, then the Marvel this time is first and foremost, the experience allows you to open new horizons in the manufacture of refrigeration equipment.