LG LT700P Replacement 200 Gallon Capacity Refrigerator Water Filter (ADQ36006101)

LG LT700P ADQ36006101 ADQ36006102 46-9690 Refrigerator Replacement Water Filter (3 Pack)

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LG LT120F-2PK Fresh Air Filter (2 Pack)

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LG LT700P-2PK Refrigerator Water Filter

History of LG started from January 5, 1947, when an entrepreneur Qu Ying Hoi founded the company Lak Chemical Co. Initially he produced cosmetics, but eventually rebuilt, he began to open subsidiaries, develops new technologies and the production of chemical materials, over time it has come to dominate the national market. In October 1, 1958 for Korean electronics industry entered a new era - was founded the GoldStar company. Start products by LG was the first in Korea, developed in 1959, the transistor radio. LG has become the first in the production of electronic devices: in 1960, was released an electric fan, in 1965 - a refrigerator, in 1966 - black-and-white TV in 1968 - washing machine, 1970 - A multi-circuit the phone.

Radio communication became the first Korean electronic device, which was exported to the United States. In 1975 company opened the country's first private research center and sales division of a subsidiary in the United States. In 1981, the company LG has opened manufacturing enterprise in the United States.

In March 1995, there is an association of the chemical industry and Lucky GoldStar into a single LG company. It becomes one company with a global culture. The updated LG is not a Korean multinational corporation - it is now widely ramified structure with headquarters and manufacturing companies throughout the world and the main control center in Seoul. In addition, LG Electronics subgroup of companies engaged in the development and manufacture of electrical equipment and electronics, are another 10 joint ventures and subsidiaries, working closely with each other. Company has consistently holds a leading position in the production of digital video players CD-i, CD-ROM drives and DVD, TV super fine images HDTV.

Company products - a wide range of functions, easy control and energy saving technologies. LG technology helps you achieve the goals, more job satisfaction and rest, and thus save money on electricity. Company offers products that are perfectly in tune with modern life and enrich it with the latest technological advances. Learn about the latest innovations embodied in household appliances LG Electronics, and open new possibilities of modern technology.