Indesit C00207652 Clatronic Creda Export Hotpoint Proline Tumble Dryer Filter

Handle Kit Hotpoint Ariston Washing Machine Door Handle Catch

Creda Tumble Dryer Belt Contitech 1700442 1894H7 B/N

Hotpoint Dishwasher Cutlery Basket C00063841

Hotpoint Dishwasher Door Lock Latch C00195887

Hotpoint C00091077 Washer and Dishwasher Limescale and Detergent Remover (Box of 12)

Indesit C00268109 Ariston Creda Hotpoint New World Washing Machine Drum Paddle Lifter

Indesit Ariston C00052152 Oven Door Seal Gasket

Indesit Indesit Limescale And Detergent Remover (Box Of 12) (Hotpoint/Creda Spares, Consumable) Helps Kill Bacteria And Eliminates Odours And Keeps Your Washing Machine Smelling Fresh


Indesit Company is originally from Italy. This is one of the most powerful European producers of vehicles. In addition to washing machines, it produces refrigerators, washing machines.

Until 2005, Indesit was called differently - Ā«MerloniElettrodomesticiĀ». In 2004 heads the firm decided to rename it to determine the best association between the company and its brands. The new name of the company specifically chose their same brand Indesit, because he had the best reputation among customers from all over the world. Brand to this day is very popular. People choosing the technique currently in the house, mostly attracted great that wonderfully combined with affordable middle class prices. Company works on permanent introduction of innovative solutions that aim to simplify life. Range of goods by Indesit at all times distinguish elementary to use (children, and senior citizens can easily find the desired options and buttons), ease of use, reliable operation without failure and guaranteed service support.

The company provides a huge selection of equipment by any parameter. If you have a small apartment square footage, you can still find the best option: narrow washing machines, dishwashers with a small load capacity, built-in appliances - the mass of options. People can always choose the technique that fits perfectly in the parameters and, in addition, will be apartment decoration also. Many housewives are using appliances by Indesit brand for many years, and when it comes time to change it, the choice falls on the same brand. Why? Because the consumer is fully satisfied with all the settings: a great job, modern design, does not lose its relevance, user-friendly interface. Refrigerators keep their products fresh, the freezer is not covered by a layer of ice, a large number of branches allows the compact to accommodate a diet, even a very large family.

Indesit Company is the second largest company in Europe and the fifth in the world among manufacturers of household appliances. Since 1987, the company's shares began trading on the Milan Stock Exchange.