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Currently, artificial ice is very widely used in the food industry, as well as in catering establishments, grocery stores and supermarkets. For example, in cafes and restaurants always served iced drinks, and champagne in most restaurants can be seen in a special bucket filled with ice cubes. And if at home ice for drinks people make using special molds in a regular freezer refrigerator, in the amounts in which the ice is needed in catering establishments, do it in that way simply not possible. That is why in such establishments to produce ice is used special equipment.

Machine for ice production was invented back in the mid 19th century and is very widespread. Apparatus for ice is called ice machine or ice maker, can now be seen in almost every cafe, restaurant, as well as in many stores. Apparatus for the ice production allows make ice very quickly and in large enough quantities. For example, small ice machine that is typically installed in restaurants or small cafes, is able to produce up to 20 kg of ice per day. A commercial icemaker type can provide up to 500 kg ice per day. Ice machine, capable to produce more than 600 kg of ice per day also exists, but this ice maker can be found much more rarely and only on specific industries.

Equipment for the production of ice varies not only the volume of ice that they can produce per day, but also in the form of ice. For example, there is a machine for ice cubes, ice and granulated apparatus for producing ice flake form. Also the machine for the production of ice is characterized by the type of cooling, which it uses. Ice machines are available with air or water cooling system.

Device for ice works quite efficiently, while consuming much less energy than, for example, refrigerated display cases. Therefore, many store owners prefer to buy ice maker and ice spread products produced by this machine. In addition, many products are laid out on crushed ice or cubes, look much more spectacular. Especially it concerns meat products.