1 Foot Power Extension Cord 10 Pack, Fosmon UL Listed 16/3 16AWG 125V 13A 1625Watt Grounded 3 Prong SJT Short Extension Power Cord Outlet Saver (Black)

Interpower 86610901 North American Hospital Grade Power Cord, NEMA 5-15 Plug Type, Unterminated Connector Type, Black, 13A Amperage, 125VAC Voltage, 3.66m Length

Interpower 83030400 IEC 60320 C20 Power Inlet with Quick Disconnects, IEC 60320 C20 Socket Type, Black, 16A/20A Rating, 250VAC Rating

Interpower 83013121 IEC 60320 C14 Snap In Power Inlet with Quick Disconnects 1mm Panel Thickness, IEC 60320 C14 Socket Type, Black, 10A/15A Rating, 250 VAC Rating

Interpower 86226100 North American NEMA 6-20P Cord Set, NEMA 6-20P Plug Type, IEC 60320 C19 Connector Type, Black Plug Color, Black Cable Color, 20 Amps, 250 VAC Voltage, 2.5 m Length

Interpower 83011380 IEC 60320 C19 Rewireable Connector, IEC 60320 C19 Socket Type, Black, 16A/21A Rating, 125VAC/250VAC Rating

Interpower 83110111 Two Function Single Fused Power Entry Module, C14 Inlet, Single Fused, 10A Current Rating, 250VAC Voltage Rating

Interpower 86230090 Continental European AC Cord Set, CEE 7/7 Plug Type, Angled IEC 60320 C13 Connector Type, Black Plug Color, Black Cable Color, 10A Amperage, 250VAC Voltage, 2.5m Length

Interpower 83011500 IEC 60320 C8 Power Inlet, IEC 60320 C8 Socket Type, Black, 2.5A Rating, 250VAC Rating

Interpower 86240240 United Kingdom/Ireland Power Cord, BS 1363/A Plug Type, Black Plug Color, 13A Plug Fuse, Black Cable Color, 13A Amperage, 250VAC Voltage, 2.5m Length